Khodarahm Bazzi

Associate Professor
Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  01738737000 - Gorgan

  • Bazzi, Khodarahm, Khoshfar, Gholamreza, Mosazadeh, Hosin, Strategies for tourism development in national parks with the use of SWOT(Case: Golestan National Park) , International journal of Geography and Geology , (2635) , 3 , 159-169
  • ,Bazzi, Khodarahm; Khamar, Gholamali ;Ashkbos, Management of natural crisis(Earthquake in this case), A case study of Dehdasht city , American journal of sustainable cities and society , (2635) , , 459-472
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  • Bazzi, Khodarahm, Evaluating the development degree of Sistan and Baluchistan counties with spatial and hierarchical planning approach , International research journal of applied and basic sciences , (2634) , ,
  • Bazzi, Khodarahm, Review of the socio- economical effects of second clothing smuggle to Iran , Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research , (2012) , ,
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