Jafar Miikatouli

Associate Professor
Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


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  • میرکتولی،جعفر, Analysis of Land use and Land cover spatial pattern based on Markov chains modelling , City, Territory and Architecture , (2015) , ISI ,
  • میرکتولی،جعفر, Studying wind chill index as a climatic index effective on the health of athletes and tourists interested in winter sports Asian journal of sports medicine , Asian journal of sports medicine , (2010) , علمی –پژوهشی (ISC) ,
  • میرکتولی،جعفر, An Analysis on The Function Of Urban Land Marketing In Spatial- Local Development Of Mashhad,Iran , Habitat International , (1920) , ISI ,
  • , Analysis and modeling of land use and land cover change in the city of gorgan making use of markov chains and geographical information systems , International geography symposium , (2631/3) , ,
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